Marketing Assistant

Thomas HQ0054

Leeds | £23k

A dedicated, passionate Marketing Manager with an enthusiastic approach to fulfilling a challenging role within marketing for a highly motivated company. Creative, innovative and imaginative combined with good business acumen. Proven to be a dedicated and dependable individual who is able to set and achieve goals whilst delivering results in a pressured environment. Possessing good interpersonal skills and common sense, excellent team player.

Experience/ Key Skills

  • Managing a four member team to input data for analysis to tight and precise deadlines.
  • Managing productivity, quality and testing.
  • Ensuring best practise through quality, and minimum performance standards are consistently achieved.
  • Analysing various departmental efficiencies and performance, such as: Sales, Editorial and Marketing.
  • Producing process maps and organisational charts.
  • Worked contracts for companies such as: Emap, Egmont and The New York Daily News.


Available end of May


If you would like to discuss this candidates CV in greater detail please do not hesitate to call on 01909 512170 or 07530 102892


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